Schedule for Success

Our Workforce Management tool enables you to predict staff rostering requirements for your contact centre. This means reduced costs on unneccessary staffing, and the ability to roster more agents during peak times. As a bonus, our tool provides automatic updates for historical patterns and calculates shrinkage – getting ahead of problems before they arise.


Our WFM tool help you to predict how staffing, channel volumes and costs will be affected by ‘what-if’ scenarios. The system gives you the flexibility to analyse company-wide data and KPI achievement, as well as individual teams and agents. Using self-adjusting algorithms to continually validate the data, decision-making as a Contact Centre manager has never been easier. 

Mobile Access for Agents & Managers

View and manage schedules from anywhere using our mobile app or touch-tone IVR. Foster flexibility by using our WFM tool to accommodate for an agent’s schedule preferences.

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