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Services offered

All product implementations will be supported by a business requirements engagement to ensure our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Goal mapping for success

  • Do you need something to boost your team performance?
  • Is your performance development programme tired and old?
  • Do you want to motivate your staff to live a balanced life? If the answer is yes then this is the programme for you.

Throughout recorded history, the most successful men and women have been those who’ve learnt to develop their natural goal-setting ability into a powerful skill for achievement. If you would like to learn how to set goals that are balanced across all aspects of your life, understand your beliefs, values, purpose and motivators in life then this workshop is a must.

This is a full day training course, the key learning’s and outcomes

  • What are beliefs, values and how do they motivate us
  • What are my limiting beliefs?
  • Techniques to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Define Purpose
  • Set clear goals in all aspects of our lives during the session
  • Goal map that can be used as part or to replace your current performance development programme

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Frontline Management Programme

Our Frontline Management programme specialises in delivering productivity improvement programs focused on increasing levels of Active Management within a customer contact environment. We do this by providing management training, coaching and support in order to give front line managers the right knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to make and follow through on decisions that will improve individual, team and business performance. Our Program has been developed based on our extensive experience in the customer service industry together with research conducted by our team into the challenges faced by managers in the industry today. If you are experiencing performance challenges in your operation, a safe pair of hands is available for your organisation. We appreciate that no two interventions are exactly the same so we tailor each program so that in addition to the programs principles, we also help you to address your specific challenges and meet your targets. The legacy of a programme of this sort is a robust performance management framework that will continue to support your operation. As well as this, a typical intervention can help you to identify dormant capacity, often in excess of 10%. We can work with you during and after the programme to bank the capacity either as an improvement in productivity, a cost reduction or an investment in staff.

Challenges Facing Contact Centres

  • Consistency in agent performance
  • Staff training and development
  • Meeting KPI’s and targets
  • Staff motivation and retention
  • Maximising value from technology investments
  • Regular and meaningful formalised agent reviews
  • Training and up skilling leadership teams
  • Limited accountability for financial targets and centre strategies
  • Inconsistent approach to performance management

Benefits Of Our Program

  • Improving Team Leader’s personal performance
  • Develop a management style across all line management communities that is ‘active & engaged’
  • A structured and consistent approach to performance management
  • Improvement to current service level’s attainment

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Outsourced quality and workforce management

Quality Connex offer an outsourced service for both quality assurance and workforce management, the cost savings are significant and the service is outstanding.

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