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Quality Management as a Service

How our Quality Management (QM) Service works:  Select the quality and coaching program that suits your needs.

Earth Explorer

Have all the manpower you need to manage your QM internally? Our QA tool can be used standalone to streamline your quality processes and enhance your coaching programs.

Sky Soarer

A flexible but fully supportive offering that gives you all of the great benefits of the Galaxy Glider with the freedom to use your own quality assurance tool.

  • BYO quality assurance tool
  • We provide the call evaluation service

Galactic Glider

launch into with a full-outsourced quality assurance service. Let our people and technology power give you wings with our all-inclusive bundle.

  • Call evaluation service
  • Quality assurance diagnostics
  • Calibrations
  • QA and monitoring tool
  • Online coaching tool and agent portal

Our QA team is based in South Africa, sharing a similar culture and values to companies on the Australian market meaning that they understand your customers just as you do. The team specialises only in their QA service making them your all-round quality experts.

We are your award-winning outsourced support provider and our system is being used by over 30,000 contact centre resources as we speak. Need we say more?So put down your pens and grab your phone. No more marking your own homework! We are your A team for all your QA goals.

Kiss mis-understandings from your call evaluations goodbye

Let your agents get their beauty sleep – because of the time difference, have your calls monitored while you sleep to maximise efficiency

100% cloud-based means you can access your assessments from anywhere in the world!

We take your security seriously and are GDPR and FSB/FSA compliant

Outsourced QA is â…“ of the cost to doing in-house

Want to discuss which package is right for you?

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