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Get the Low-Down

Qualster gives you an overall view of your agents’ performances using a precise system to understand your team members’ quality and compliance metrics. We give you evaluation templates with scoring criteria that falls on the same page as agent call recordings. This makes for a speedy, accurate assessment every-time.

Review call data with percentages and colour schemes to give you a complete (and dynamic) picture of performance rates. Locate potential issues and communicate appropriately with individual agents for some first-rate problem-solving. You can also motivate your team by highlighting their incredible success stories!

Cut to the Chase

Save time and cut through distractions by searching through all completed evaluations based on the specific criteria you need.

Filter criteria based on:

  • Agent
  • Team
  • Date
  • Time
  • Campaign
  • Status
  • Duration

Add Muscle to Your Coaching

Make your coaching count. With call recordings, call data and Salesforce comments all in the one place, you will be fully-armoured to provide personalised training with maximum impact.

See agent progress through ongoing scoring on different criteria. You can add actions to Salesforce and allow your team to review their feedback. This helps keep teams in-sync and at the top of their game.