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Social Media

Social media is a contact sport- win the game by letting your customers comment, tweet and #hashtag through fun and vibrant channels. Let them compliment, harass, or otherwise engage with your business through the social media they feel most comfortable with, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Social Media Monitoring lets you get ahead of the game by allowing you to automatically identify conversations regarding your products and push an offer in real-time.

Social Routing categorises conversations by sentiment and influence. It also provides insights from customer profiles to generate better answers faster and make every conversation a homerun.


Spread your reachFrom your nephew to your bf’s grandma, who’s not on email these days?

  • Intelligent-routing means we extract sentiment to prioritise and route emails to your most relevant agent.
  • Auto-Suggested responses help for when agents are lost for words. Want quick answers and pre-filled responses to common questions? You got it.
  • Our Standard Response Library reinforces agent consistency and efficiency, enabling customer satisfaction everytime.
  • Our Unified customer interaction record enables informed interactions without losing context.

Live Chat

Your agents could be supporting customers in real time with efficient and personalised live video chat.

  • Click to Chat provides you with shortcuts and chat transfer tools, allowing agents to breeze through various conversations with customers.
  • Click to Call allows your valued customers to get a call-back right away.

Our targeting engine lets you pick triggers for customer-agent interaction through engagement rules and keyword filters. 100% customisable. 100% you.


With the right map your sales team can speed to success – cutting costs and building stronger customer relationships along the way. Use SMS to contact clients in a time-efficient way to drive up ROIs and drive down costs. With Quality Connex your trail blazing agents will converse with multiple customers at once in a hassle-free, “no hold” setting.

Need an extra pair of hands? Chatbots bring your business great efficiency gains as human agents and bots can be interspersed depending on the needs of each customer.

Rich Media Messages with customer-relevant content and personalised video can be harnessed to build up sale potential.


An option for all you vintage buffs We ain’t living in the 80’s anymore, but if your customers are still using fax – go right ahead and send it to the cloud.

digital customer service vintage fax
digital customer service vintage fax