Centralise Your App Arsenal

We offer a crazy 500+ data connectors so you can port data directly from any third-party source to a single core platform. Dive into our specially-created and ever-expanding connector library offering QuickStart apps and a host of proprietary connectors

Here’s just some of the sources which we connect for you…

  • Cloud-based apps
  • On-premises software
  • Data warehouses
  • Spreadsheets

Know Your History

The system’s card builder helps you construct powerful visualisations with handy hints, so data is easily understood every-time. 300+ interactive charts and dashboards let your company easily see its story and the key data takeaways.

Take Down the Work Silos

We include a fully-integrated chat tool facilitating team member’s ability to share real-time data from any source, create team channels and assign tasks. Popular metrics, strategic conversations and just good ol’ fashion connection are guaranteed. Together we’ll burn those work silos to the ground!

Design Your Own Success

Our tool allows you to build powerful, custom apps so you can nail your business needs again and again. Our platform is pre-loaded with sample data and cards, extensive documentation, and guides to help you on your design journey.

Keepin’ it Fresh

We only give you the freshest news with real time automatic data updates, helping you to track trends and see how your business is shaping up over time. Predictive alerts and automatic syncing of your devices also make sure you’re always armoured with the latest info.

Everyone’s Magic Touch

The ETL Magic tool gives companies the power to extract and transform data with ease and skill, regardless of the user’s tech knowledge. We allow you to cleanse and combine data from anywhere- say adiós to complex coding!