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What solutions are offered in the Australian market?

Vocalcom TotalCloud, a cloud based contact centre and multimedia offering.

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Where is it housed?

The solution is hosted in the Macquarie Telecom Data Centre in North Ryde in IC2 which is one of the newest data centres in Sydney with full redundancy. This means that in the event of something catastrophic where IC2 fails, the solution fails over to another data centre at IC1.

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Is it a Cloud only offering?

TotalCloud can be deployed on premise in certain instances, but this isn’t done in the Australian market.
If you have existing PABX on premise and want to retain that but move your telephony and multi-media into the cloud then this is still possible, and we do this for a lot of our current clients.

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How many agents can the solution scale to?

The solution can scale from a few agents to a few thousand agents, depending on requirements.

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Is the system multi-tenanted?

The system was built from the ground up in a multi-tenanted way, and was designed with large BPOs (Business Process Outsourcers) in mind.

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Is any software required to be installed on Agent or Supervisor PCs?

None; it is all browser based, and works as standard with Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox.

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