How Not-For-Profit LifeFlight Increased Donations with Native Salesforce Integration

How Not-For-Profit LifeFlight Increased Donations with Native Salesforce Integration

LifeFlight is a not-for-profit organisation providing rapid response aeromedical care to patients in need. They deliver emergency, lifesaving medical treatment to thousands of patients each year, both in Australia and abroad. With a reliance on funding from the community to support the RACQ Queensland medical service, providing a positive donor experience is at the forefront of their operations. The LifeFlight contact centre is based on the sunny Gold Coast, with agents handling both inbound and outbound calls, email and direct mail campaigns.




Improving the Donor Experience

LifeFlight initially had two separate contact centre systems; one handling direct mail and email campaigns and the other for inbound and outbound telemarketing calls.  One challenge that quickly emerged was the lack of reporting visibility across the two contact centre systems. Outbound lists would not acknowledge recent donations made from other campaigns, causing recent donors to be dialled again without the agent knowing. This threatened LifeFlight’s brand reputation and donor experience which can have a negative impact on future donations.

It was for this reason alone that there was a clear need for integration of the systems. There was no way LifeFlight could provide a seamless customer experience without complete omni-channel visibility across their campaigns. This also meant they could not deliver any kind of automation until overcoming these limitations.

Finding the Right Technology Provider

LifeFlight sought a solution that would give them complete control over their Salesforce data, creating inbound and outbound capacity as well as ensuring their agents never have to leave their CRM system. Having CTI with a native automatic dialler functionality in the Salesforce CRM was mandatory for LifeFlight’s technology transformation. 

This would reduce the chance of errors because agents wouldn’t need to switch between interfaces and crosscheck campaigns, wasting valuable work time. All relevant information could be recorded next to the contact details of donors – within their Salesforce CRM.

While searching for vendors that could fit LifeFlight’s Contact Centre requirements, it was Salesforce who recommended the native Salesforce solution powered by Vocalcom. Quality Connex is the exclusive service provider for the Vocalcom platform within Australia, and the partnership formed almost instantly. Lucas Karchinsky, Executive Manager of Business Solutions & Contact Centre Operations said of the partnership,  

— “Quality Connex were excellent. They delivered to our requirements while meeting our project deadlines with minimal disruption to the operation. This exceeded our expectations and we would happily recommend Quality Connex as a leading solutions provider.”  

Implementing the New Agent Desktop

Adjusting to a new system is always a challenge. It’s easy to get comfortable with existing capabilities, even if they don’t deliver all the tools necessary to optimise success. Quality Connex ensured the implementation was a smooth process and was with LifeFlight every step of the way. “They were always helpful and found a solution regardless of the complexity of the issue” said Karchinsky.

The Results

  • Agents now handle more complex calls than their outdated systems allowed.
  • Efficiencies have been gained in the ways agents handle calls and manage data.
  • A full contact centre solution inside of Salesforce including click to call now means agents can do everything within the CRM (no logging in and out of platforms anymore!)
  • Donor experience is infinitely better, as the risk of contacting donors multiple times after they have already donated has been removed.
  • Greater visibility from a management perspective in terms of real time and historical reporting.
  • While the implementation is still relatively new, LifeFlight anticipates an excellent ROI both from an agent productivity and a donations perspective.

What’s next for LifeFlight

With their native to Salesforce contact centre, LifeFlight have infinite options as for how they expand their contact centre technology. There are plans to implement additional automated services into their operations.Having seen what a difference the predictive dialler has made within Salesforce, Lucas looks forward to exploring other innovative technology to better connect with their donors, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“This new system that Quality Connex has implemented has given us so much flexibility and we are no longer held back by the limitations of our previous platform. There is so much we can do now!”

Lucas Karchinsky,  Executive Manager of Business Solutions & Contact Centre Operations at LifeFlight

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