How to Help Your Contact Centre Team Leaders Flourish

Team Leaders are responsible for inspiring, motivating, monitoring and driving performance on the frontline. The secret ingredient to creating a high-performing contact centre, is to train these leaders to be great at what they do, and help them to stay motivated in their role. This can be done internally, or you may choose to outsource to specialised contact centre consultants.

While there may be certain advantages to training your contact centre leaders internally, a specially designed frontline leaders program cannot be surpassed. The reason for this is simple. Outsourced trainers are able to provide an objective view of where improvements can be made. This is often difficult for internal managers and trainers to pick up, due to their daily exposure to internal operations of the business. External trainers generally design an entire bespoke program based on business needs and objectives; from the intensive training itself, to tailor made timesheets and daily tasks. They tend to address fundamental soft skills such as time management, planning, conflict resolution, managing difficult agents. This allows for a restructure of management tasks based on priorities, and overall leads to an improvement in processes and performance.

Ultimately, it comes down to the value placed on frontline leaders within your organisation. Greatness inspires greatness – as the proverb goes. Through empowerment of your leaders, they are able to pass on the same quality training to their team members; those on your frontline, handling the customer experience. Think of your team as a tree. Your team leaders are the branches that connects with both the leaves and core trunk. They provide strength and structure to the whole entity. If these branches begin to rot or weaken, there’s nothing to stop the leaves from falling. 

Giving your organisation this strong foundation, through adequate training and motivation will ensure a holistic message is shared and understood throughout.