New Year Resolutions to Improve Contact Centre Operations in 2018

The new year is upon us and as we settle back into the office, it’s time to ask yourself; what are my resolutions for 2018? We’re not talking about the cliché personal goals of exercising more or learning a new language. We are talking about management goals. If you are a contact centre manager, CX or operations leader,  what do you hope to achieve this year? 

We understand that the contact centre industry is ever changing. It’s easy to get caught up in endless meetings or juggle customer demands around new technology. Remember, the goal should always be to improve the customer journey. The symbolism of a new year is that it’s a time to start fresh, break bad habits, become a positive influencer and take pride in the work you do. Here are our top five motivating mantras to get you customer centric through the 2018 EOFY and beyond!

I will use analytics to improve customer experience

Analytics is very powerful, if used correctly. Giving valuable insight into how agents and customers interact, analytics can be used to make improvements and also to encourage behaviour that drives sales. By using analytics to find out what your customer needs on calls, you can pre-empt their behaviour,streamline operations and reduce cost. Same goes for your agents. If you notice a behaviour that inhibits sales or disrupts the customer journey, you can educate your team or tweak the call script to improve processes.

I will communicate with my team more often and more effectively than last year

Even if you believe you spend ample time with your team or individual employees in meetings, where could you improve? You could trial breaking up your weekly meetings into 20 minute morning stand up huddles. Shorter meetings tend to motivate people better and prepare employees for the day ahead. During these catch ups, we recommend sharing positive customer experiences with your team. It’s easy to get caught up in complaints in the customer service industry, so this is an easy way to show your team that they provide your customers with an invaluable service.   Focus on what did we do well yesterday, what do we need to improve on and what is the focus for today.

I will look for improved ways to better integrate my technology

If your technologies aren’t already being managed in the cloud, this is something you should be considering early in 2018. Your agents should be able to quickly access customer service cases, transfer to other teams, and update records – all in real-time. If Salesforce is your CRM of choice, going native can be incredibly powerful. If you need custom integration, just ensure it can be built for your requirements. This will guarantee that your existing and future technologies can be integrated without the huge financial disruption.

I will bring together my different contact channels to get a true view of my customer’s journey

If you want to have any sort of connection with millennial customers, an omni-channel approach is imperative. Your customers may want to engage with you through live chat, connect via social media or using more traditional channels. By creating a contact centre environment that adapts instead of reacts to customer needs, you will gain a loyal and valuable client base.   Truly understanding your customer journey should be one of your focus areas for 2018.

I will find innovative ways to motivate staff

As spoken by Simon Sinek; “customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”. How do you make your team love the company? By keeping your employees motivated and engaged in their work. Perhaps your team could benefit from rock climbing once a month or maybe something more cerebral – ask them! If you have noticed that morale is already down already in January, try running morning meetings in the park outside! If you’re looking for your own motivation, start following management blogs, attend seminars or chat to a frontline leadership consultant for some external advice on where operations could improve.

Technology is improving at a rate faster than ever before. With a new year comes the opportunity to improve business operations and the customer service skills of your company. Regardless of which business resolution you commit to, remember that the goal is to improve on your performance from the previous year.

If you think outsourcing may help you reach your goals quicker, get some help! At Quality Connex, we keep contact centres connected. We are at the forefront of contact centre solutions. We can offer a wide range of services ranging from goal mapping training courses to benchmarking your contact centre operations – perfect for some new year motivation and guaranteed to improve performance. Quality Connex wish you all the best for 2018 and good luck kicking your goals!

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