Transform Your Call Centre Staff Into Mind-Readers With Web Voice Synchronisation

Imagine a world where your call centre staff could read your customers’ minds.

Just think of what your staff could do if they knew exactly where your customers came from, why they were calling you, and what they were after. Think of the time your staff would save dealing with enquiries, and the level of service they could provide. It’s a pretty amazing thought.

Of course, we’re pretty sure that no one’s released any mind-reading inventions designed for contact centre use recently (though we’ll definitely keep you updated if that changes!).

But we do have the next best thing. It’s called Web Voice Synchronisation (WVS), and it lets you do all those things we discussed by reading information sent by your customers’ computers.

What Is WVS?

Web Voice Synchronisation is a cutting-edge contact centre technology that rotates your company’s bank of phone numbers so that different website visitors see a different number on their browser. When they call, WVS then uses that number to link the caller to a record of their behaviour on your website, and sends the data straight to your staff.

WVS can tell your staff how the caller arrived on your site, which pages they viewed, the page they’re on now, and much more. This allows your staff to more effectively meet your customers’ needs, upsell them, and deal with enquiries more quickly. To top it all off, it’s easy to integrate with your existing contact centre systems.

The Real Magic Of WVS

Of course, the real magic of Web Voice Synchronisation isn’t the information it gives you. It’s what you can do with that information

Prioritise Your Calls

WVS allows you to predict the potential value of different callers based on factors such as the pages they view, and how they arrived at your website. You can use this data to prioritise calls from more valuable customers. For instance, you may wish to prioritise the caller who spent half an hour looking at your premium products, rather than the one who spent 10 seconds online before calling.

Optimise Your Online Marketing Efforts
WVS will also help you to identify which sources of website traffic send you more qualified customers, and which sources have a high attrition rate. This allows you to streamline and optimise your online marketing, dropping those sources which aren’t performing – such a particular AdWords keyword – and concentrating on those that really convert.

Provide Highly-Personalised Service

By making predictions based on website visit data, WVS can provide your staff with a wealth of information for personalising the services they offer your customers. For instance, if the caller’s web browser is set to Mandarin, they can be sent straight to a bi-lingual consultant. Or, if customers who buy product X are likely to buy product Y, you can display product Y as a pop up on their browser, then reinforce the message with a verbal offer from your staff member.

The Wrap

They say that information is power, and that’s certainly the case with Website Voice Synchronisation!

At Quality Connex, we’re loving the endless possibilities WVS is creating for our contact centre clients. So why not take a look at what it can do for you… for free?

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