How One Client’s Call Centre Productivity Increased… By 132%

A true story of the efficiency gains and cost savings you can achieve when your contact centre system and Salesforce are integrated.

Have you been looking for a solution that can integrate your contact centre system with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

For a range of reasons – from increasing customer satisfaction to increasing agent productivity – this is becoming a priority issue for contact centres around Australia.

They lacked seamless integration between their contact centre system and Salesforce

Recently, one of our larger clients came to us to solve this problem. They needed a contact centre solution that would fully-integrate with their CRM, Salesforce. Prior to coming to us, the business had been down a frustrating road of being unable to find a solution that matched all the requirements of their contact centre – especially the level of seamless integration between the contact centre system and Salesforce.

In order to identify the right solution, our contact centre specialists took the time to discuss their requirements with them in depth. Through this process, they identified that in addition to seamless integration between their contact centre system and Salesforce, the solution our client needed to have specific features, including:

Thanks to their ever-growing contact centre, our client also wanted to train new staff more easily. Sophisticated, yet straightforward – that was the sort of contact centre software they were looking for.

Quality Connex recommended Vocalcom’s CTI as a solution that met all their specific requirements, including native integration into Salesforce

We worked with the client to implement and integrate Vocalcom’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with Salesforce, which provided all the features our client was looking for. It also allowed them to use Salesforce Objects to route individual calls to the most appropriately-skilled agent, and set up Custom Call File management.

Vocalcom’s solution embeds natively into the Salesforce environment, ensuring your contact centre’s core systems and workflows are accessible through Salesforce. Vocalcom also brings a host of additional features to the table, with extensive inbound, outbound, email, web, mobile, and social features, Vocalcom has been proven to be the best solution for contact centres with varied and sophisticated requirements.

A 132% increase in daily productivity… and more

After implementing Vocalcom’s CTI and integrating it into Salesforce, our client experienced the following leaps in their call centre efficiency:

  • Daily productivity per contact centre agent increased by 132%
  • The cost of providing solutions to clients dropped by 25%
  • New agent ramp time reduced by 40%

In other words, their contact centre efficiency and profitability increased dramatically thanks to their new contact centre system.

Find the right Contact Centre System for your growing business

Are you looking to make use of data in your CRM alongside cloud-based CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) within your contact centre to enhance your customer and agent experience?

Every contact centre’s needs are different and your business is no exception. To choose the right CRM and CTI for your centre, you’ll need tailored advice and services.

At Quality Connex, we have over 45 years of combined contact centre experience, from product implementation to independent consulting. We advise both those clients who use a set of our products and those who don’t.

We love helping businesses find the right contact centre solutions to suit their needs. If you’d like to discuss growing your business with enhanced and integrated CRM and CTI, then you can contact us here.

If you want to discuss your product-specific ideas to improve your contact centre efficiency and sophistication, give us a call.

If what you really want is more specifics on the client case study we’ve referenced here, please reach out and we can connect you with a Quality Connex Account Manager for further information.

John Camp is a Director of Quality Connex and is focused on helping contact centres overcome inefficient and ineffective processes by leveraging best-in-class technology. As a result, he’s helped hundreds of Contact Centres elevate their performance across a number of metrics. If you want to gain better integration between your key contact centre systems, request a chat with John to see how he can help your business.

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