Go Salesforce native: 3 key takeaways from the Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2017

The Quality Connex team is back from the Salesforce World Tour Sydney and here are a few key items we learned at the event that we think you will find valuable – key amongst which was the importance of being Salesforce native.

We were among 10,000 attendees keen to uncover new ways to use Salesforce to improve their business. There was also a lot of specific interest in how a business can leverage Salesforce to elevate the performance of its contact centre.

One of the things we’ve noticed after large events is the danger of analysis paralysis. With so much to take in, it’s often hard figure out what key things you should be focusing on to start actioning change.

So, here are the 3 key things you should take away from the event and the one thing you must do to improve your performance as a contact centre professional.

1.   Salesforce native is the future

The new technology everyone was talking about at the event was Einstein, Salesforce’s new artificial intelligence (AI) product. Einstein offers an innovative new way for delivering value to your customer by providing insights based on your Salesforce data. It is able to do so, as it sits natively within the platform. Because of this Einstein can provide personalised customer insights, and suggest your next best actions to ensure a positive customer experience.

Like Einstein can help improve your customers’ experience, integrating a native contact centre solution with your CRM can help elevate your call centre performance significantly.

Going Salesforce native means data can be easily entered, shared, and customised across both your contact centre system and Salesforce. This allows you to complete all administration functions within Salesforce without needing to log into an external call centre system.

2.   Customer-centricity is vital to success

Highlighted in the new-product demonstrations and presentations throughout the Salesforce World Tour Sydney was the necessity of customer-centricity across the board, and the tools to achieve it. It’s no longer enough to be great at customer service in person – most business are leveraging a range of tools to deliver consistent, high quality customer experiences across every channel, and you simply can’t afford to be left behind.

As a contact centre leader leveraging these new tools and applications as they are released will allow you to get closer to your customer, to ensure enhanced, value-creating experiences across all areas of your business unit.

3.   You need to understand how you are connected to your customers

Mark Hawkins’, CFO of Salesforce, keynote presentation discussed how the increasing number of customer touchpoints needs greater recognition within all business processes.

This becomes even more significant as the number of smartphones, and other smart-items grows at a rapid rate, each creating a new customer touchpoint that you need to manage. As part of the keynote, Transport New South Wales shared how their contact centre was able to capture and respond to customer feedback in real-time across all platforms.

For contact centres, improved connectivity with your customers can be achieved with seamless integration between your CRM and contact centres system. With this set-up you are able to track and analyse data to shape process improvements that speak to the needs of your customers. And being aware of these multiple touchpoints allows your team to better navigate a conversation with any customer, at any given time.

How can you apply these takeaways in your contact centre?

Applying the three takeaways from the Salesforce World Tour hinges on native integration between your call centre software and Salesforce. In this sense there are 3 key takeaways and 1 key action – ensure the platform your call centre uses is native.

By seamlessly connecting your contact centre to your CRM, such as Salesforce, you’re able to access the full suite of benefits presented at the World Tour.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from going Salesforce native to accelerate your contact centre performance and maximise ROI, leave us your details below and we’ll be in touch.

John Camp is a Director of Quality Connex and is focused on helping contact centres overcome inefficient and ineffective processes by leveraging best-in-class technology. As a result, he’s helped hundreds of Contact Centres elevate their performance across a number of metrics. If you want to gain better integration between your key contact centre systems, request a chat with John to see how he can help your business.

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